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Three bags of berries cheaper

Three bags of berries cheaper

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When you order three bags of freeze-dried berries at once, you get them at a lower price! You can choose the berries yourself. The options are strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant and cranberry. The size of one bag is 25g.

Freeze drying preserves the taste, aroma and vitamin content of berries without additives and preservatives. Our products do not contain added sugar. Thanks to freeze drying, the flavors deepen and become fuller.  The flavors remain authentic and natural, none of the characteristics of the fresh berry are lost, only the composition is different. Freeze drying also guarantees good shelf life of the berries.

Freeze-dried berries can be used, for example, on porridge, in desserts, as a decoration in cakes and pastries, in smoothies and as a side dish in raw chocolate. The use of berries is only limited by your imagination!

Real Berry freeze-dried berries are Finnish superfood at its best!

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