Frequently asked Questions

  1. What is freeze drying?
    Answer: Freeze-drying is an old method of preservation. In short, it works like this: we freeze e.g. berries and dry them by evaporating the liquid. Read more about freeze drying.
  2. Does freeze drying destroy the vitamin content of berries?
    Answer: No destruction. In addition to the vitamin content, the taste and aroma remain authentic and natural, so none of the characteristics of a fresh berry is lost.
  3. How are freeze-dried berries stored?
    Answer: Freeze-dried berries remain usable for a long time at room temperature.
  4. What can freeze-dried berries be used for?
    Answer: Freeze-dried berries can be used, among other things, on porridge, in desserts, as a decoration in cakes and pastries, in smoothies and as a side dish in raw chocolate. Only your imagination is the limit! Click here for the  delicious instructions