Berry smoothie

Marjaisa smoothie

You can easily make different smoothies with freeze-dried berries. Only your imagination is the limit. By using protein-rich curd or yogurt, you get a more filling smoothie. Or if you want a sweeter smoothie, add some cocoa powder. Smoothies are excellent for morning, evening or snack. Preparelike thisbutdeliciouswith strawberry curd smoothie...

Soak about 1 dl of Real Berry's freeze-dried strawberries in 2 dl of milk in the refrigerator (let it soak for about a pint or overnight if you want).

While the strawberries are making in the milk, you can chop up one (overripe) banana in the blender and add 250g of milk curd.

Finally, mix all the ingredients in a blender to make a smooth drink. Taste from time to time. If you think the smoothie needs sweetness, add a little honey to it. If you like a looser smoothie, add a little milk. You can modify the instructions according to your own taste. Enjoy the finished smoothie immediately.

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