Create gifts and treats from freeze-dried berries

Spring and early summer are party time. There is Easter, May Day, Mother's Day and many kinds of graduations. Let's think about gifts and table settings.

Berries are an essential part of the celebration. It's not yet the season for fresh berries, but freeze-dried berries are a very good alternative to them.  Freeze-dried berries can be used in filled cakes, pies, wrapped tarts and other servings, either as a filling or as a decoration, like fresh berries. And why not also in gifts.  Surprise your mother or grandmother on Mother's Day by making these mouth-watering chocolate cookies according to our recipe...

Vegaaninen suklaakonvehti - Real Berry

Freeze-dried berries vs. fresh berries 

Freeze-dried berries work great as a substitute for fresh berries.  Freeze drying preserves the taste, aroma and vitamin content of the berries without additives and preservatives.

In fact, freeze-dried berries can be an even better choice as a filling for baked goods than fresh berries.  Compared to fresh berries, the advantages of freeze-dried berries are a deeper and fuller flavor & fragrance, as well as better shelf life.

Freeze-drying evaporates the liquid from the berries, so freeze-dried berries, for example on or in between a cream cake, stay firm longer and do not get watery.

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