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December has started and we are living in the busiest time of the Christmas season. Let's think about getting Christmas presents and what would be served at the Christmas table. We have a few options for you - not forgetting the offers!

Hyödynnä kaikki tämän hetken tarjouksemme.

Our Christmas gift suggestion: order your friend our berry treat basket. (Delivery only to Finland.) The treat basket contains two 0.5-liter jars of freeze-dried Finnish berries of your choice (one berry quality/jar) and a serving platter with real cork, beautifully wrapped in cellophane. Treat baskets are only available for a limited time - as long as baskets last. So you should act quickly so you don't miss out.

Freeze-dried berries are also very suitable for serving at the Christmas table, on their own or in baked goods. You can even make delicious ones chocolate candies. Homemade chocolate is also an excellent Christmas present - candies made according to our recipe are also suitable for vegans. Here you can take advantage of "Three bags cheaper" offer. When you order three bags of freeze-dried berries at once, you get them at a lower price. You can choose the berries yourself. 

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Wishing elves from Real Berry
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